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Concentration \ Programming Music 010 (part 2)
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This is my second music compilation. (((None of this music is mine, I just tried to compile them for you :)) If you've heard the first, you may notice a slight difference in the types of tracks I included. Wanted this list to be a bit more energetic in a way, but not (hopefully) overboard.
Anyway, just as I've said in the first vid, these are tracks I've listened to while studying, coding, doing hw, etc.. Hope you will find them helpful as well. Please leave feedback on whether you find them to be or not.

Part 1:
Part 3:
Part 4:

Download parts 1-4 here:

As I make nothing from these list, if you'd like to contribute Bitcoin (BTC), use the following string to my wallet :)

List times:
00:00 : Solar Fields - "Insum"
01:25 : Half Life 2 - "Violation Dubstep Remix"
04:20 : Mega Drive - "Converter"
10:24 : Deus Ex: HR - "Detroit Convention Center"
14:22 : Deus Ex: HR - "Hacking Ambient"
17:18 : Portal 2 - "Stop What You're Doing"
21:04 : Plasma3Music - "Reconstructing Science Remix"
24:07 : System Shock 2 - "Engineering"
27:25 : Deus Ex - "Area 51"
29:33 : Deus Ex: HR - "Highland Park Ambient"
33:19 : Mirror's Edge - "Kate (Puzzle)"
40:28 : Lost Years - "Converter"
44:26 : Deus Ex: HR - "Conversation With Wayne Haas"
49:10 : Half Life 2 - "Brane Scan"
51:25 : Deadmau5 - "Alone With You"
57:57 : Mega Drive - "Dataline"
1:03:25 : System Shock 2 - "Operations 2"

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DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the musical content in this video. No copyright infringement intended towards the respectful owners.
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